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site updates

updates made to varos in 1998

29 December 1998

20 December 1998

4 November 1998

24 October 1998

10 October 1998

6 October 1998

26 September 1998

5 September 1998

1 September 1998

11 August 1998

  • As promised, the updated Beanie Baby icons and a new theme have been uploaded to their respective pages.

8 August 1998

  • Another theme, and some updated Beanie Baby icons will be going up within the next day or so.
  • A new cartoon for the Cartoons page as well.
  • Changes again to the cover page, switched the two columns around, and added a Grey Day link graphic.

29 July 1998

  • A link-checking we will go! - the Doctor Who Links section has had a link check, clean up and resort. Two new link categories added: Broadcasting and Merchandise.

25 July 1998

  • A new cartoon for the cartoons page. If you haven't seen it, I think you'll enjoy it... :)

21 July 1998

  • Redesigned the main cover page, adding a new Varos heading graphic, Jeans for Genes Day graphic and a JondarSite/hosted by Simplenet graphic.

19 July 1998

  • Added two more themes to the Themes page, a Beanie Babies theme by Brian Morris and a Doctor Who McGann theme by Bill Thompson.

12 July 1998

  • Two dates on this page were in the future by one day, so they've been corrected.
  • Because of the new page, the cover page, the Image Map and Text Links have been altered to reflect this
  • Added a Cartoons page, with selected cartoons I've drawn.

11 July 1998

  • Added preview graphics for all themes.
  • Removed the search form for Lizst Mailing List search due to it being non-functional.
  • Minor modifications to the Doctor Who: Books index page to ensure all graphics display properly.
  • Corrected Who's Who in Who Ring link on the cover page to point to the correct location.
  • Corrected all the links to the midi files in the 4 Midi index pages, they were causing 404 errors.
  • Slight modifications to the tables in the Doctor Who sections using small graphics, hopefully to rectify display problems in some browsers.
  • Changes to the background graphic and image map graphic.

1 July 1998

  • Also, changes in graphics and minor colour scheme changes.
  • Themes - An expansion of the old VarosThemes page. Several new themes added.
  • Search - A collection of search forms for major web references.
  • MIDI - Contains public domain MIDI files to download.
  • Computers - Still under construction, will contain computer information.
  • Added several new sections:
  • Removed the BLMBIFC section. It's now at Alden Bates' Mel Bush Page.
  • Redesigned and rewritten the Who's Who in Who Ring and Doctor Who IRC Ring pages.
  • Added a Reviews page to the Doctor Who section. Still under construction.
  • Redesigned the Doctor Who: Information and Doctor Who: Writings pages.
  • The Doctor Who: Links section has had a thorough link check and resort.
  • The Doctor Who: Episodes section has had a similar redesign. Story to a page, and a few more items of information.
  • The Doctor Who: Books section has been totally redesigned. It's now book to a page, with publication information, cover scan and back cover blurb.
  • The Links and Friends pages have been separated and rewritten again.
  • Rewritten the Downloads page and gotten rid of the descriptions
  • Rewritten the About Me page into a new format in the style of an application form. It was Steve Hill's idea first, I "borrowed" it :)
  • Redesigned all the pages - The frames are gone in favour of a nicer table based format.
  • Varos has moved to SimpleNet - this has allowed me to expand the site significantly.