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plus! themes

about the themes

All of the themes on this site have been tested with Windows 95 (with Plus!95 installed), Windows 98 (with and without Plus!98 installed), Windows Me and Windows NT 4. It's also believed that the themes will work with Windows 2000 and Windows XP, though they haven't been extensively tested on those platforms. The themes have been designed for a monitor resolution of a least 800x600 and 16-bit color in mind. They'll work with lower resolutions and colors, but you will not get the true intended effect they were designed for.

installing the themes

The theme zip files on this site contain paths and long file names for easy installation. It's best if you use a good unzip program that understands long file names, WinZip is probably the best program available for this purpose.

An updated guide to installing Plus! Themes is in the process of being written. Check back later for details

one more thing...

This themes page at design.varos has been set up in good faith, with arrangements between the webmaster and the theme makers in order to showcase their effort, work and skill in creating themes.

It's NOT nice to take these themes from this page and put them on your site without asking first.

If you do run an interested site, and would like to showcase some or all of the themes here, please contact me first. I always reply to reasonable, polite requests and usually a mutual agreement and arrangement is found. - Thanks.


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